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our story...

…begins on the streets of Brooklyn where experiential artist Victor Wilde cut his teeth and first shared with the world his work in experimental video and public performance art. Victor’s interactive fashion performances and installations have appeared at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Somos Gallery  (Berlin), Tokyo Fashion Week, the Walt Disney Concert Hall (LA), LA Weekly’s Artopia, and the OC Center for Contemporary Art. 


It is from his art that The Bohemian Society label was borne in Downtown Los Angeles in 2003, where Victor continues to live and work.


The Bohemian Society collection is meant to excite and surprise. Each item of clothing, while worn, should inspire the same feelings you get from seeing powerful art. It strives to be thought-provoking and emotional and bigger than itself, reflective of something both hidden and essential about the world; enduring, but of its time. 

our clothes...

...are designed, patterned, and produced in our studio in downtown Los Angeles by a small team of skilled, creative, professionals. We use vintage, recycled, and unconventionally sourced materials that are always as eco-friendly as possible. Every piece is personally hand-finished in various manners by our head designer Victor Wilde, like the works of art they are. Our perfection is made from our imperfection and every detail of our construction is very much on purpose. Each and every item is custom made to order and we do not take returns, so please confer with us before purchase if you have any questions. Every time you purchase a piece of our work you are supporting independent artistry, resource-conscious design innovation, and economic and environmental justice. Thus, you can feel good purchasing Bohemian Society and look even better. That is our job; we love it and we love you. Thank you.


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