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Victor Wilde's latest work, available for purchase.

Victor Wilde's original art and prints are available through CHOU SAUVAGE

exhibition a.

exhibition b.

Some of the works from Victor Wilde's solo art show at Contemporary Gallery in Downtown L.A., December 2017-February 2018.

exhibition c.

As the founder, art director, and chief designer of The Bohemian Society, Victor Wilde is known for infusing the methods and attitude of visual art into his singular garments. He creates textiles with body-printing, translates ideas and processes into multimedia and video-based works and unforgettable live art spectacles, and uses politically charged symbols, words, and even gunfire to create texture and narrative in both his clothing and visual art. He distresses, deconstructs, and recontextualizes vintage clothing and unconventional textiles, literally tearing found fashions apart and recombining them into expressive, unexpected profiles, textures, and wearable sculptures. His large-scale mixed-media paintings employ this same collage-based technique of interpretive recombinance -- a certain destroy-to-rebuild approach to generating meaning -- as well as purloined billboards, hand-painting, and industrial stitching. He has a long history of working as a street performer, programming a cable access tv show, writing and acting, and is very proud of getting kicked out of art school for being a “weirdo.” In truth Wilde’s first loves have always been visual and performance art, and thus not only does he approach fashion as an expressive, personal, and artistic undertaking, he makes visual art using the same sensibility.

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