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Sex Tape Makes the Editors Pick section on Heaven Has Heels

Posted on 02 April 2015

Victor Wilde recently did an interview with Heaven Has Heels mag for their April 2015 issue about the launch of his premier fragrance Sex Tape.

Name: Victor Wilde
Title: Founder /President/Chief Designer
1) Why fragrance? I have always been the person that gets a headache as soon as I walk into the perfume section of a department store. I wanted to create something better , something not only my customers would love, but I would love as well. Bohemian Society is a lifestyle brand. Sex Tape fits right in with that lifestyle. It is my job to empower people and make them look great. Now I can make them smell great too.
2) How did the concept of "Sex Tape" come about?
I had a notebook of all the concepts and ideas. Saskia Wilson-Brown from the institute for art and olfaction, Shana Nys Dambrot who is Bohemian Society's story director and I were already toying around in the lab with scents and I would bounce concepts off of them. Sex Tape immediately stood out and stuck. Tracie May-Wagner joined the team and a year later we had made a Sex Tape together.
3) Have you ever made a sex tape?
I made my first sex tape when I was fifteen years old yes.
4) What was the most unexpected thing you learned about the fragrance industry while creating your own? I knew absolutely nothing when I first started the year long process of developing Sex Tape. It was a very cool experience to see that like other industries Fragrance has a great indie pulse behind it such as The Institute for art and Olfaction. That and the fact that there are so many voracious collectors and fanatics out there that are crazy about scent.
5) How did you become involved with the Institute for Art and Olfaction? While working on a project with Shana Nys Dambrot and photgrapher Austin Young I discovered Austin had worked with the Institute for Art and Olfaction and expressed my desire to develop a fragrance for Bohemian Society. Shana made the introduction to Saskia and the party started from there.
6) How would you describe the Sex Tape scent in three words? Get's you laid.
7) Will perfume now be a mainstay in Bohemian Society's repertoire? Yes. Yes it will. Much like Sex Tape's tag line "It will haunt you forever."





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